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saranac basking in bourbon

Basking in Bourbon for Saranac Brewery

"Art", Illustration WorkMaria ValleseComment

Better late then never to post some information and behind the scenes images from my illustration's for Saranac Brewery's Inner Circle Series. Basking in Bourbon is an Imperial Stout aged in Kentucky Bourbon barrels, with notes of bourbon, dark chocolate, molasses, charred oak, vanilla, and caramel. It's a delicious and decadent beer. 

For the illustration to accompany this beer, my client asked me to come up with some ideas that portrayed the richness of the beer, as well as the fact that it's aged in bourbon barrels. The final idea came down to a king of hearts face card with the king coming out of the bourbon barrels, overflowing with beer. 

Below is my process from sketch to final packing: 


Image ©F.X. Matt Brewery 2017